Nope. Nnnno. Nuh-uh. Bor-iiiiiiing!

Incredible. She’d managed to pull down nearly an entire row of books, which were now scattered on the floor around the girl’s feet in her quest for reading material that wouldn’t send her straight to snooze-ville. Blue currently held the last one in her hand, snapping it closed with an irritated sigh.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with the magazines..

Just like that, the book was sent sailing over her shoulder with little to no consideration for anyone who may have been in it’s path. Whoops.

Oh!" Cue the slightly apologetic smile. “Sorry ‘bout that.

….but not really.


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                    Do you want the  ҭ ʀ ʉ ҭ ʜ

                                        or something  ʙ ә ɑ ʉ ҭ ɪ ғ ʉ ʟ ?

         I am  ʜ ɑ ҏ ҏ ʏ  to  ɗ е ϲ е ɪ ѵ е  you.

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  Their first priority should be getting off this island and escaping this game of death once and for all. Therefore, their best efforts should go toward uncovering the mastermind behind it all. There’s plenty to see, plenty to investigate, plenty to hear and learn and know… but Klavier doesn’t care. No, that isn’t right. He cares—of course he cares, he’s human—but it’s hard to focus when a friend has been murdered.

  It’s only been a day since her body was discovered in the kitchen’s remains. He’d been expecting body; he hadn’t been expecting hers. The memory taunts him even now, long after he’s left the crime scene. Mami is—was—a good person, even wonderful. At the last trial, where her friend was suspected, she insisted upon his innocence and tried her damnedest to impress it upon the rest of the jury. It barely worked with her lack of evidence, but that… the point is that she shouldn’t have died. There was motive, yes, but she was innocent in every sense of the word.

  …That’s what’s on his mind when he very nearly barrels into someone else. As he’s pulled from his thoughts, the words spill from his mouth before he has a chance to translate. "Entschuldigung, ich bitte Sie…" English, Gavin. “…I, ah. My apologies, fräulein. I should have been watching where I was going.” He flashes her a winning smile—same old, same old. “I trust you’re alright?” It was a bump and nothing more, but damn him, he’s a gentleman.


        Looks like she found a nice one on the first go! Gentleman, and he spoke another language. The fact that he was easy on the eyes was merely a plus. Job well done. If he’d been here for a while, perhaps she would get some valuable information out of this. If not, then maybe an ‘ally’. Either way, it was a win-win. Blue, your opportunist is showing. 

Plastering on her best smile, she hastily held both palms up in rebuke, waving them frantically.

❝No, no, it’s not your fault! I’m a complete klutz.❞ And a liar, but he didn’t necessarily need to know that at this exact point in time. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, the girl laughed a little before she continued - the softest of sounds,  ❝I’m alright! No harm, no foul, so don’t worry about it. Though, it is refreshing to see someone with manners for a change.❞ Which was the truth. Maybe he wasn’t quite as barbaric as some of the others on this island. Four bodies. This wasn’t a game, it was a slaughter house.

Shaking that thought away, she sighed. Then, with hands clasped behind her back, Blue’s head tipped to the side in question; a tiny, barely noticeable movement. 

❝Ah, forgive me if I’m being intrusive, but….was that German, just now?❞


♙—}} The night air is cool and calming, to say the least. Hinata heaves a satisfied sigh as he looks up at the sky in the park in the middle of the island. Stars blink and twinkle underneath him, and for the first time, it feels as if he is just having a casual stroll in the park. That is, until his Monomessenger rings in his pocket.


The ring of the messenger itself reminds him that he is still stuck in an island he has no means of escaping, but what he receives from the messenger is much, much worse. Oh, so worse.

Dropping his messenger, the image of one particular dead blinking on the screen, Hinata stumbles a few steps backwards. Hands sweaty and shaking, he can’t breathe. He feels something churn in his stomach, and, as fast as he could, he finds the nearest shrub.

He throws up.

Blue, too, had been enjoying a stroll when her messenger buzzed in her pocket, almost making her drop both juice boxes she’d managed to find.


Of course, once she fished it out, nothing could prepare her for the gruesome, twisted picture she was immediately assaulted with. Disgusting. The more she stared, the more dread that began to pool in her stomach, and the more she felt like she was going to throw up— 

That was, until she spotted another doing just that, hunched over in the bushes with stomach churning retches; monomessenger discarded on the ground a few feet away. Hesitantly, she retrieved it and closed the message, walking over and stopping with just enough distance between the two of them.

It wouldn’t be right to leave him there, and for some reason, she was feeling a bit generous. Death tended to have that side effect. ❝…..Here,❞ It wasn’t the device she held out to the boy, but rather, a few napkins and a juice box. ❝It isn’t much, but at least you’ll be able to get the nasty after-taste out of your mouth.

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                        This school was already getting to be depressing. 

If there weren’t people dying, there were people crying over the dead.

 ❝….I reckon they don’t call it school of despair for nothin’, huh? she sighed, voice just barely disturbing the breeze. Underneath the air of indifference that she wore like perfume, the girl was worried, and rightfully so. Who really knows how to react to being told they’re on murder island? Lingering on that question would do little good, however, and she pushed herself to do something productive.

Like figure out who could be trusted, for starters. Sure, everybody wanted to play the role of an innocent saint, but when stripped to the quick of things; there were multiple bodies currently thrown about, and far too many possible suspects. Don’t get her wrong, she wasn’t seeking justice for people she had not yet come to know, but rather, a way to stay on her toes — the logical first move of any game was to get to know the players.

The way she saw it, there were a few types that immediately stuck out to her as she wandered around. The damsels, who were by far the most annoying. The heroes, who were taking it upon themselves to ‘save’ everyone. The wall flowers, the ones that simply waited around for death, and the importants, who figured they were either above death or too stupid to realize that antagonizing people in a game where murder was allotted probably wasn’t the wisest decision. There were more, of course, but those were the most easily spotted.

Speaking of which, a person chose that moment to round the corner, much to her satisfaction. Now would be the perfect time to put some of her plans to the test. Subtly shifting herself so that she’d be in his path of travel, Blue pretended to be completely engrossed in her Monomessenger, letting out a rather startled gasp when she felt a jarring impact against her shoulder.

❝—Oh! I’m so sorry, please excuse me!

First day here and already she’s come to the conclusion that she’s trapped on an island full of morons.

This is not a living Adele remix, people. Nobody said ‘Set Fire to the Food.’


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